Although I’m not completely independent of my parents, it really ticks me off when an adult (over the age of 18) is complaining to their parents that there is no money in their bank account due to the fact that their parents had forgotten to reload it (or truthfully: that they’re sick of giving endless amounts of money to their spoiled brat).

Whatever happens at home is your own business, I don’t have children so I’m not one to talk about parenting, but when you are in public, in my space, disrupting me, I can’t keep quiet.

Here’s an idea: get a job. Stop being a lazy bum who plays xbox all day and go do something with your life. Invest in your education; make your own living instead of feeding off of someone else’s hard earned money.

PS. It’s rude to talk on the phone when you’re in the office where other people are trying to get work done. Next time, go outside so I don’t have to hear your entire conversation and maybe you won’t have to hear my two cents.


Excuse me, sir, do you know where I could find some enlightenment?


Excuse me, sir, do you know where I could find some enlightenment?




A group called Connecticut Working Mom’s has put together an AMAZING photo spread called “Lets End The Mommy Wars”. The photo shoot was about embracing their different parenting choices.

“Let’s end the mommy wars, once and for all, by tapping into our compassion and letting go of our judgments. Cause seriously people, the world needs more love and less judgment.”

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i like this so much

holy fuck this is incredible. yes yes yes.


In the end, the coaches aren’t the ones who made the decision on what boat you would be in this season.

You did.

You made the decision on whether or not you were going to that optional practice, or whether or not you were going on that run, or giving everything you had on that piece.
YOU made the decision.
YOU picked your split.
You decided your limit…and either you passed it…or you let it ruin you.
Remember that the next time you see the line-up.

"A champion should ask himself: “If I were to compete against myself, what would I practice to beat me?”"
Leo Vieira (via all-about-wisdom)